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7th Floor references mural by Famed Akron artist Woodrow Nash to create Black History Mask.

If you have seen Beyoncé’s film “Black is King” there’s a scene with Jay Z pulling up the driveway to a mansion full of African art. Look closely and you may spot sculptures by an Akron artist by the name of Woodrow Nash. Long before he was doing sculptures for the celebs, he was an illustrator who was creating masterpieces everywhere. In Akron at the Odum Blvd Branch Library, you can see his work. There’s a mural featuring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. 7th Floor Clothing co-founders Preston Clark and Frank Miller visited Woodrow Nash for his approval on a new mask featuring the mural for Black history month. With the blessing of Nash, the mask is now available in very limited quantities. If you would like to purchase the mask, you can get it here at

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