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Updated: Jun 9

In a heartwarming collaboration, 7th Floor Clothing & Market Me 24/7 has teamed up with Guys and Gals Community Partnership Inc. to release a special T-shirt series dedicated to two local heroes, Kimyata Cooper and Illya McGee. The initiative, led by Jerome Moss, director of Guys and Gals Community Partnership Inc., has been a remarkable tribute to lives lost too soon while promoting health awareness in the community.

The 7th Floor x Hoop For Coop T-shirt series was unveiled at the 7th annual Hoop for Coop Basketball Tournament and Men's Health Fair, held at the University of Akron's James A. Rhodes Arena. This year, the event drew over 500 attendees, marking a significant success in both honoring the memories of Kimyata Cooper and Illya McGee and advancing the cause of community health. In the rafters, you could see Romeo Travis's retirement banner high above as he too joined in to play with a host of other athletes from around the area for a great cause. The Cleveland Cavaliers mascot also made an all-star appearance for event goers to enjoy.

Kimyata Cooper, who tragically died of a stroke, is honored on the front of one of the T-shirts. The Hoop for Coop Basketball Tournament and Men's Health Fair, named in his memory, continues to be a beacon of hope and awareness for stroke prevention and men's health. The second T-shirt features a tribute to Illya McGee, who recently passed away due to cardiac arrest. Illya, the brother of Willie McGee—high school teammate and best friend of LeBron James—was recently portrayed in the movie "Shooting Stars."

Preston Clark, the talented artist and owner of 7th Floor Clothing, created and printed the stunning artwork for both T-shirts. The designs have resonated deeply with the community, symbolizing remembrance and the ongoing fight for health awareness.

The marketing efforts for this event were spearheaded by Lucia Arteaga, owner of Market Me 24/7, ensuring the message reached a wide audience. Lucia created visuals for the scoreboard, programs, and social media marketing pieces.

Lucia & Preston also made 2 limited edition basketballs bearing the artwork of the legends.

The event was not only a heartfelt tribute but also a comprehensive health fair. Sponsored by Molina Healthcare, the fair provided on-site health screenings and featured basketball games throughout the day, emphasizing the importance of physical activity and regular health check-ups. Two $1,000 scholarships were awarded to Zora Brown & Lamar Dampier on behalf of Molena and Hoop for Coop.

The T-shirts, sold at the event for $40 each, were a huge hit, selling out completely. However, for those who couldn't attend, a limited number of shirts are still available online at

This collaboration between 7th Floor Clothing, Guys and Gals Community Partnership Inc., and the wider Akron community underscores the power of unity, remembrance, and proactive health initiatives. It serves as a reminder that through collective effort, we can honor those we've lost and make strides towards a healthier future for all.

To donate to  Guys and Gals Community Partnership Inc., log on to GGCPINC.COM

photos by Lucia Arteaga for Market Me 24/7

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