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Custom “Akron” hat a HUGE hit at the Knight Foundation’s 2019 Knight Arts Challenge

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

One of the fan favorites here at 7th Floor Clothing is the “Akron” hat created to commemorate the birthplace of our co-founders, our brand, and our favorite restaurant ...Akron Ohio’s own Swensons. One person that really took a liking to this hat is Knight Foundation program director Kyle Kutuchief. Kyle came up with the idea to surprise everyone at the Knight Arts Challenge with a collaborative “Akron” hat complete with hot pink lettering and the Knight Foundation logo on the side. The Knight Arts challenge awarded $592,000 in grants to 16 winners at the event to fund arts and culture. After the award ceremony, there was an after party complete with complimentary gifts and food. There were custom hot pink sunglasses, an exclusive ice cream called “Berry Artistic” and the hit of the night ...a table with 250 “Akron” hats for all in attendance. 7th Floor Clothing would like to thank Kyle and the Knight Foundation for making us a part of this event.

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Sep 21, 2021

Great bllog I enjoyed reading

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